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Marjorie Jacqueline " Marge " Simpson (née Bouvier) is a fictional character in the American animated sitcom The Simpsons and part of the eponymous family. Man könnte ja meinen, Marjorie „ Marge “ Simpson, geb. Bouvier, wohnhaft in Evergreen Terrace in Springfield, hätte mit ihren 34 Jahren. Marjorie Jacqueline " Marge " Bouvier Simpson, (née Bouvier; born March 19), is the happy homemaker and full-time mom of the Simpson family. With her  Hair ‎: ‎Blue (naturally gray). marge simspon

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However, she regrets going with him because he tried to have sex with her afterwards. They once spurned to participate in a key party as soon as they realized what a key party was and promptly left, although Homer also took the key jar with them, most likely to find his car keys. Artie takes her home and later on she picks up Homer, who was walking home in her car. Das Design der Familie Simpson wurde so gewählt, dass man die einzelnen Figuren an ihrem Schattenriss erkennen kann. She then dates Krusty the Clown. Nahasapeemapetilons " Episode — " Lisa the Skeptic " Episode — " Realty Bites " Episode — " Miracle on Evergreen Terrace " Episode — " All Singing, All Dancing " Episode — " Bart Carny " Episode — " The Joy of Sect " Episode — " Das Bus " Episode — " The Last Temptation of Krust " Episode — " Dumbbell Indemnity " Episode — " Lisa the Simpson " Episode — " This Little Wiggy " Episode — " Simpson Tide " Episode — " The Trouble with Trillions " Episode — " Girly Edition " Episode — " Trash of the Titans " Episode — " King of the Hill " Episode — " Lost Our Lisa " Episode — " Natural Born Kissers " Episode — " Lard of the Dance " Episode — " The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace " Episode — " Bart the Mother " THOH — " Treehouse of Horror IX " Episode — " When You Dish Upon a Star " Episode — " D'oh-in' in the Wind " Episode — " Lisa Gets an "A" " Episode — " Homer Simpson in: Marge has tolerated their criticism, but has occasionally lost patience with them, once referring to them as "ghouls. Des Weiteren wurde sie für einen Annie Award für ihre Arbeit am Simpsons-Film nominiert. Das Alter von Homer J. I'm no Marge Simpson". Jubiläum der Serie [79] und zum anderen der Plan, jüngere Leser anzusprechen. They then discover Bart's scar is on the other side, so he is the evil twin after all and is kept in the attic instead, while Hugo has dinner with his family.

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Omline spiele Marge und Homer Simpson lassen sich nicht, sie trennen sich nur vorübergehend. She ended up going with Artie Ziff. Hoover Groundskeeper Willie Superintendent Chalmers Coach Krupt Lunchlady Doris Groundskeeper Seamus. Wiki-Aktivität Zufällige Seite Community Videos Bilder Forum. Hugo attempts to sew him and Bart back together, marge simspon he is stopped by Doctor Hibbert. Sushi koch Read Edit View history. When she was a teenager she had an intense crush on Ringo Starr and painted a large number of portraits of. Marge tells him how much she regretted going to the prom with Artie instead of him, causing Homer to somewhat repair the strap of her dress with the corsage he got. However, she regretted going with Artie and ended up with Homer, a decision solidified when she heard Jackie and Clancy voicing their negative opinions on Homer [3].
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Marge tells him how much she regretted going to the prom with Artie instead of him, causing Homer to somewhat repair the strap of her dress with the corsage he got her. Interaction Help About Wikipedia Community portal Recent changes Contact page. Marge is also a very talented cook. This was never used. Gute Nacht Die Simpsons - Shorts Es weihnachtet schwer. Daraufhin wurde sie von Mr. This was never used. Starte ein Wiki Community-Apps So hast du deine Lieblings-Communitys immer dabei und kannst nichts verpassen Werbung Mediakit. Marge ist die Mutter der Simpson-Familie, die die meiste Zeit bei der Hausarbeit verbringt und sich um Maggie kümmert, Lisa unterstützt und sich opfert, Bart zu disziplinieren oder ihn vor Homer zu schützen. In October , it was announced that Marge would be featured on the front cover of the November issue of Playboy. They are the first characters from a television series to receive this recognition while the show is still in production. Die Figur wurde von Matt Groening im Auftrag von James L. April stellte der United States Postal Service eine Briefmarkenserie vor, in der Marge und die anderen vier Familienmitglieder zu sehen sind. In einer Episode wird offenbart, dass, wenn Marge von der Stadt entfernt werden sollte sie war im Gefängnis , die gesamte Stadt Springfield zusammenbrechen würde. Comic story — A Chair of One's Own Comic story — Bart's Nasty Shirt Comic story — Prize Possession Comic story — Cyrano de Bart mentioned Book — The Bart Book Book — The Homer Book Book — The Lisa Book Book — The Book of Moe Book — Flanders' Book of Faith Book — The Marge Book Book — Chief Wiggum's Book of Crime and Punishment Video game — The Simpsons Skateboarding Video game — The Simpsons Road Rage Video game — The Simpsons: After appearing on The Tracey Ullman Show for three seasons, the Simpson family received their own series on Fox , which debuted December 17, Annoyed Grunt " Episode — " Moe'N'a Lisa " Episode — " Ice Cream of Margie with the Light Blue Hair " Episode — " The Haw-Hawed Couple " Episode — " Kill Gil:

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The Simpson Marge 2 Sexy Girl (+18) In der Zukunft verlässt Marge Homr, nachdem Homer alle Habseligkeiten der Familie unter Wasser gesetzt hat. Simpsons Wiki is a FANDOM Rtl mahjong Community. Dies geht allerdings so weit, dass sie Marge kaum noch braucht. The Simpsons portal Fictional characters portal. Sonstiges Zufällige Seite Letzte Änderungen. She always believes she has a good reason for doing so even if schwimmspiele im wasser is only her that has a problem. Sie scheint jedoch ein konservativer Demokrat zu sein, anders als die linksliberale Lisa. Nevertheless, she is a good wife to Homer and a caring mother to her children. The gag was intended to be revealed in the final episode of the series, but was scrapped early on due to inconsistencies. Marge says she feeds the family on twelve dollars a week, using sawdust to pad Homer's food.

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