Star wars rebels vs clone wars

star wars rebels vs clone wars

st Legion Clones VS Umbaran Army on the Capital Road - Star Wars: The Clone Wars p HD. Since rebels came out, I've heard mixed opinions about it. I personally think the clone wars is better, but rebels is still okish. I think Star Wars rebels might become better then the clone wars really soon, well fist off Star Wars rebels season 1 was way better then the first 3 seasons of.

Star wars rebels vs clone wars Video

Darth Maul vs Obi-Wan star wars rebels vs clone wars Stormdriven Follow Forum Posts: I like Rebels,but for me is not near as good as Clone Wars. Actually any story arc would be great, something lasting more than the 22 mins. TCW really did have some bad episodes As Rebels begins we are dealing with an almost entirely new cast of characters. Ah yeah, I schmetterling malen fond of the first three seasons . Everyone who is an Empire fan is overwhelmed about Rebels, but everything in the Empire is so overdone. I prefer the classic era setting. Bring back the main forum list. If Rebels was on CN then I think we would seen alil more mild violence. Oct 21, Posts: I trust the future of star wars in the hands of filoni more than anyone else. Also, they brought Darth Maul back from the dead! By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy and Content Policy. The Clone Wars was set in a narrower period of time than Star Wars Rebels. In the clone wars something was almost always accomplished by either the separatists or the republic, whether it be breaking some one out of prison, winning a planet over, or destroying an enemy fleet,something was done. There seems to be lots of filler episodes in rebels especially season two but my favorites were shroud of darkness and twilight of the apprentice, And for season one I liked way of the Jedi and fire across the galaxy defi story the strongest episodes in the entire series.

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Leahcim Somar Rebel General. In just about every episode, it's blatantly clear the characters should have failed or just outright died, yet they still get away and still get what they need, they don't even hide it. Also, they brought Darth Maul back from the dead! Clone Wars, I have problems with even the best episodes of Rebels. FreshestSlice On a completely unrelated note, is this who I think it is? Star Wars Rebels falls very short of The Clone Wars to my opinion. I feel this show has a lot of potential, I want to see a more polished Empire than the one we first saw in the 70s, and 80s. Clone Wars was fun, but in Star Wars the time of the Empire is better. Huh alright I can see why they made the lightsabers different. The Savage arc was admittedly great and the Citadel arc was fun but the rest was pretty bad. This hearkening back to the Original Trilogy should also appeal online games mit freunden older fans like myself and help younger fans transition from The Clone Wars to the Original Trilogy, and then to Episode VII in Rebels is better but it is somehow That felt very Clone Wars-esque. Oct 21, Posts: Mods have the final say. Of course this does make it harder for casual fans to jump on board to the show midstream, or to follow a particular characters story. I created an infograph highlighting notable individuals within the Galactic Empire. That felt very Clone Wars-esque. Alright the Clone Wars was bad but it had some redeeming episodes.

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